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Active Directory
Active Directory is simpler to manage, easing migration and deployment with Windows Server 2003. This service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments. It delivers key strategic benefits for medium and large enterprises, enabling greater administrator and user productivity. Windows Server 2003 improves the versatility, manageability, and dependability of Active Directory.
Who Should Attend
Systems engineers who are responsible for designing Microsoft directory service and/or Microsoft network infrastructures. Individuals who are employed as or seeking employment as a systems engineer in a Windows Server 2003-based environment can also take benefit.
The training will allow the trainees to make tactical decisions about planning and securing a Windows 2003 network infrastructure in an enterprise environment. Full understanding with hands on experience of design, implementation, maintenance, security and recovery of a Microsoft Active Directory network will be provided to reinforce the core concepts. Trainees can get well prepared for the exam 70-294.
Training Outline: TrAD01
Length: 7 days
Delivery Method: Instructor Lead, Onsite
Schedule: Once in three months   |    Location: Call
Lesson: Introduction to Active Directory
Preparing for Active Directory Installation
Installing and Removing Active Directory
Verifying Active Directory Installation
Troubleshooting Active Directory Installation and Remove
Case Scenario Exercise

Lesson: Administering Active Directory
Backing up Active Directory
Restoring Active Directory

Lesson: Installing and Managing Domains, Trees, and Forests
Practice: Renaming a Domain Controller
Practice: Managing Trust Relationships
Practice: Viewing and Transferring Operations Master Role Assignments
Practice: Creating a Child Domain

Lesson: Configuring Sites and Managing Replication
Configuring Sites
Configuring Inter site Replication
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication

Lesson: Implementing an OU Structure

Creating an OU
Administering OUs

Lesson: Administering User Accounts
Creating, Modifying, and Verifying Domain User Accounts
Managing User Profiles
Administering User Accounts

Lesson: Administering Groups
Planning New Group Accounts
Creating and Administering Groups
Using Run As to Start a Program as an Administrator

Lesson: Administering Active Directory Objects
Locating Objects in Active Directory
Controlling Access to Active Directory Objects

Lesson: Implementing Group Policy
Practice: Implementing a GPO

Lesson: Administering Group Policy
Generating RSoP Queries
Managing Special Folders

Lesson: Deploying Software with Group Policy
Deploying Software with Group Policy

Lesson: Administering Security with Group Policy
Practice: Implementing Audit Policies
Practice: Administering the Security Log
Practice: Managing Security Templates
Practice: Using Security Configuration and Analysis

Lesson: Managing Active Directory Performance

Using System Monitor
Using Performance Logs and Alerts